James Fisher Decommissioning supported our valued customer with the cut and relocation of subsea pipeline in the Gulf of Thailand. Several sections of pipeline ranging from 10” to 18” were initially excavated, in order to gain access for cutting, then subsequently lifted and relocated.

JF Decom scope of supply included a T4000 controlled flow excavation spread, 12in and 24in chop saw and 16Te grabber in twin arrangement with 12m spreader beam, supported by an expert offshore delivery team. Prior to mobilisation, a customer witnessed cut trial and FAT was completed onsite at our local operational facility in Johor, Malaysia. With limited deck space on the vessel, JF Decom were able to provide a sufficient equipment package, with minimal deck footprint, to suit the customer requirement.

Project successfully delivered and completed as per scope of work.

The JF Decom team onboard worked hard and professionally throughout the project. Their safety culture was excellent and they contributed greatly to the safety of everyone onboard through communication and input into toolbox talks, project briefs and safety meetings. They were willing to share and listen to ideas to have the job progress

Offshore Construction Manager

16mt grabber with 12m beam